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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging provides detail that the human eye can't see and can be used in a variety of applications. Our Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is equipped with FLIR technology that is well suited for close-range applications, something that is more difficult to accomplish with larger drones or fixed/rotary wing aircraft. We have the information you need with fixed-point average temperature readings, average temperature of a selected area, and alarm detection of temperatures outside of safety parameters preset prior to the flight for your needs.

Want the best of both worlds? Our Mavic 2 Enterprise takes still images simultaneously both in thermal and visual formats allowing for better reference to the subject of the image.

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Our FLIR Thermal Imaging drone is ready to be deployed in a public space setting or your workplace to monitor body temperatures. Our services are being offered at our normal rate, and we are also providing a 15% discount on our monitoring service as we are not looking to capitalize on this pandemic.

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