Reduce surveying time and operational risks by switching to AccuAeroSurv's survey-grade solutions!

Surveying can be an expensive and timely process when you use standard surveying methods! These surveys don't provide you with the bigger picture which is crucial to make informed decisions, but also takes an overwhelming amount of time to complete.

We offer a solution that provides survey-grade accuracy utilizing ground control points and the best drone software on the market, all in a fraction of the time it takes to manually conduct a survey, providing you with the accurate information you need to make the critical decisions. Our services also come at a fraction of the cost, where typical surveys can cost thousands of dollars for only a small acreage, by using a drone we are able to cut this down significantly!

Whether you simply want the raw data in a file type of your choice to use in your own software, or instead would like us to provide calculations in a detailed report, we can help meet the needs of your project!

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