Precision Agriculture

With the ever growing concern of climate change and its effects on crop yields, AccuAeroSurv is proud to offer precision agriculture services. Utilizing the best drone equipment on the market, we can provide aerial crop inspections to provide real time information, utilizing thermal imaging target sections of the field that require the most water which saves both time and money.

Photography & Videography

From weddings to real estate, we have you covered!

Crop Spraying

Agricultural Crop Spraying... Coming Soon!


Inspections, Surveying, 3D Mapping & Thermal Imaging

We offer aerial inspections for a wide array applications; solar farms, wind turbines, roof/building, hydro pylons and much more! Utilizing our Mavic 2 Enterprise drone we can get the job done at a fraction of the cost, save time and complete the job safer than a helicopter or any other method could do.

Is your need not listed as one of our services?

Drones offer virtually limitless opportunities when it comes to meeting the needs of all types of industries and work. AccuAeroSurv was founded on the basis of providing a less costly alternative to typical aerial services provided by helicopters, as well as fixed-wing aircraft, we can catch much greater detail and fly closer while still operating in a safe manner. Feel free to contact us to see what solution we can offer you!

Emergency Services?

We are available on call 24 hours a day to assist with your needs! Our Mavic 2 Enterprise is the perfect drone to join search and rescue activities; the drone can fly for up to 31 minutes at time with no more than two minutes downtime to swap out the battery and is equipped with; thermal imaging, spotlight, powerful speaker and a beacon to allow for night time operations.

For immediate assistance, please call the phone number listed on the contact page.