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Timing is everything in agriculture, you need to know what's going on with your crops throughout the season to catch problems fast! We offer precision agriculture services to hit these issues head on, allowing you to react with little to no delay.

There are three key times of the year to have your fields inspected by our Mavic 2 Enterprise drone; spring prior to planting, growing season, and post harvest in the fall. We provide you with the detailed reports that you need to get the most out of your crop yield!

To ease the process we offer a growing season package where we plan out all of the flights for the season that suits your needs.


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Spring Inspection
We prepare a soil map and provide you with a 3D map of your field, allowing for key decisions to be made prior to planting.
Crop Monitoring
Early in the season we can provide a stand count, as well as throughout the season conduct crop scouting to allow you to make informed decisions. Nearing the end of the season we can provide you with the data needed to be able to make yield projections.
Storm Damage Assessment
Timing is everything after a storm to inspect and make the critical decisions on your crops, it can mean the difference between maintaining your crops or losing the crops entirely. We are available on call when conditions permit to conduct the damage assessment you need!
Plan for Next Season
Utilize the data from the seasons field reports to prepare for next season of planting. Conducting one last inspection and comparing it to previous reports, you'll know the areas that may be in need of increased drainage.

Property Inspection

Whether your property is small or large, keeping up with the maintenance of the property is a hard task, one of the real pain points is being able to identify issues before they impact your operation. An orthomosaic map can be your best friend when it comes to inspecting your property, it gives you a high definition view from above, allowing you to spot aging fence posts, holes along your fence line, downed trees, and much more!