With the ever growing threat of climate change, something the insurance industry saw first hand during the 2018 wind storms in Ontario and Quebec, it is more crucial now than ever to ensure accurate claims.

We offer the services every insurer needs to ensure an accurate, as well as timely claims process, utilizing our Mavic 2 Enterprise and sophisticated modelling software we can provide you with a detailed report that your claims department needs!

Roof Inspections

Determining the severity of roof damage can be difficult just by looking from the ground, but sending an adjuster up onto the roof is an unnecessary safety hazard that can and should be avoided. But this leaves the problem of not being able to get the detailed information required, such as exact measurements, detailed pictures of the damage and other key roof details needed to prepare an accurate quote.

Performing aerial roof inspections is the safer, faster, and most accurate way to collect the information your claims team needs! From an average sized house, to an industrial building, inspections can be conducted in an hour or less depending on the size of the roof and the detailed reports are ready by the next day in most cases.

Property Inspections

We provide aerial property inspections to provide your claims process with the most accurate data for; individual properties, farms, and commercial properties. The detailed information that an aerial inspection can gather is far superior compared to an adjuster conducting an on-ground inspection. Not only does this speed up the inspection process, but provides the information that you can't get from the ground, including; 3D mapping, aerial images to see extent of damage, accurate measurements, and much more!

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