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Credit: Drone Major

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Regular inspections to your wind assets are critical to identify issues before they become a major problem. Inspections can however lead to extended downtime that effects your bottom line, and also puts your workers in unnecessary harms way. Our solution provides you with more detailed information that will only see your asset being shutdown for no more than a couple of hours. With our Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, we can safely fly closer to the asset thanks to the drones small size and agility, something that most drones lack. For added peace of mind, our Mavic is equipped with all around obstacle avoidance.

Our detailed annotated reports include both visual and thermal imagery to provide the details that traditional inspections cannot. In addition, we can at request generate a 3D map of the asset, as well as a 2D or 3D map of your operating location.

Our FLIR Thermal Imaging drone is ready to be deployed in a public space setting or your workplace to monitor body temperatures. Our services are being offered at our normal rate, and we are also providing a 15% discount on our monitoring service as we are not looking to capitalize on this pandemic.

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