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Aerial inspections by drone open up new possibilities to receive the most accurate and timely reports that you rely on to limit the downtime of your assets. We offer aerial inspections with our Mavic 2 Enterprise drone, which when combining its state of the art collision avoidance system, small agile design, 4K visual video, and FLIR Thermal Imaging, we can get closer to your asset then ever before to provide the most detailed information.

The routine inspections that all of your assets require put workers in unnecessary harms way, additionally for assets that are required to be shutdown during inspections, this is an unnecessary consequence when our drone can conduct a more detailed inspection and provide a comprehensive report on its integrity in a fraction of the time.

Typical Structures We Inspect:

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Our FLIR Thermal Imaging drone is ready to be deployed in a public space setting or your workplace to monitor body temperatures. Our services are being offered at our normal rate, and we are also providing a 15% discount on our monitoring service as we are not looking to capitalize on this pandemic.

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