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Going to New Depths

Fleet expansion that offers new underwater services

KITCHENER, Feb. 24, 2020 -- AccuAeroSurv, announced today that the company plans to expand their drone fleet in Spring 2020 to include underwater drones. With this, AccuAeroSurv will expand its service offerings to include underwater; infrastructure inspection, boat hull inspections, environment monitoring, and search & recovery. With fast-evolving drone technologies, it is important that AccuAeroSurv continuously monitors advancements in the industry so that its clients are best served, allowing the human factor to be eliminated for high risk jobs such as divers conducting underwater inspections or search & recovery.

About AccuAeroSurv

  • AccuAeroSurv was founded in late 2018, commencing commercial operations in January 2019.
  • AccuAeroSurv is a Transport Canada compliant commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) operator which offers a wide array of services such as; green energy inspections, topographic surveying/mapping, and infrastructure inspections.
  • Drone technology is shaking up the way industry conducts its business, offering cost savings and enabling safer work environments by replacing humans with drones for higher risk tasks (i.e. wind turbine inspections).

AccuAeroSurv is a commercial drone operator, providing both aerial and underwater services. To learn more about services offered, head to or reach out via email or by phone 519-577-1487.