Green Energy Inspections

Reduce downtime and increase safety with aerial inspections for solar farms and wind turbines.

Aggregate & Mining Solutions

Get the information you need to make informed decisions with our aggregate solutions that provide accurate measurements for volume, surface area, etc.

Real Estate Photography

Make your listing stand out by providing your clients a unique perspective of the property and neighbourhood.

Aerial Photography Needs?

Our work has been featured in The Waterloo Region Record.

Roof Inspections

Damage to your home or property from a storm? We conduct aerial inspections, getting high quality images, FLIR thermal imaging, and create detailed reports outlining the findings.


We offer aerial inspections for a wide array applications; solar farms, wind turbines, roof/building, hydro pylons and much more! Utilizing our Mavic 2 Enterprise drone we can get the job done at a fraction of the cost, save time and complete the job safer than a helicopter or any other method could do.

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Reduce surveying time and operational risks by switching to AccuAeroSurv's survey-grade solutions! We cut down surveying time from days to mere hours, and provide you with the results as early as the same day!

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Precision Agriculture

Increase your crop yields with our precision agriculture services. We offer spring field assessments to ensure optimal planting, ongoing monitoring detects issues without delay, and end of season field assessment allows for the preparation of the fields for the next years crop.

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Search & Rescue Services On-Call 24/7

We are ready to assist in search and rescue operations when you need us, we are on-call 24/7, 365 days of the year! Whether it be a family member missing, or the beloved family pet, we have the sky covered! Our drone is equipped with FLIR Thermal Imaging to spot heat signatures, as well it is equipped with a powerful spotlight for night operations and a speaker that can be heard up to 2km away!
Call 519-577-1487, or text EMERGENCY S&R NEEDED to 519-577-1487 for a call-back.